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  About Your Home

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions you will make.

A professional home inspection can help you optimize your investment.
At OxBow Home Inspections, I believe in the importance of a fair, accurate,
thorough, and unbiased inspection, to help you understand the actual
condition of the home you are buying or selling.

New Materials — New Problems

New building materials are constantly being introduced.
Some have worked out well and have transformed the building industry.
Here's some information on a few that didn't work out so well:

Aluminum Wiring   •  Federal Pacific Electric Panels  •  Polybutylene Piping

Common Defects

No house is perfect !

Even the best built and best maintained homes 
will always have a few items in less than perfect condition.  
When you get your inspection report from me, don't be shocked.  
You should expect discrepancies, as all homes have them.  
I am getting paid to provide you with the most accurate, honest, unbiased, 
and impartial report that I can.

Below are some of the items that I most commonly find when inspecting a home:

Roofing Problems: 
Roofing material, construction, or design are some of the most common defects that I find. 
Particularly the gutter systems. Usually it doesn't mean the roof needs replaced, simply that it is in need
of maintenance or repair.

Ceiling Stains: 
Caused by past or present leaks, ceiling stains are fairly common. 
It can be difficult to tell whether the stains are from leaks still present, 
or were caused by leaks which have since been repaired.

Electrical Hazards: 
More common in older homes, but often found in newer homes as well. 
Electrical hazards come in many forms, from ungrounded outlets 
to wiring done incorrectly by the homeowner.

Rotted Wood: 
Caused by being wet for extended periods of time, most commonly found around tubs, 
showers and toilets inside, or roof eaves and trim outside.

Water Heater Installations: 
Many water heaters are not installed properly 
and constitute a very dire safety hazard to the occupants of the home.

Gas Furnaces: 
Most gas furnaces seem to be in need of routine maintenance 
such as new filters or gas company certification at the least. 
Many have other issues such as faulty operation, 
drafting problems, or inadequate fire clearance as well.

Plumbing Defects: 
Plumbing issues commonly found include dripping faucets, leaking fixtures, slow drains etc... 
Even in brand new homes, it is fairly common to find minor plumbing defects.

Insulation Defects: 
Through the use of my Thermal Imaging camera, I have found a surprising number of homes that have wall sections, or even complete walls that have absolutely no insulation between the studs.  After all, once the builder finishes the sheetrock, who will ever know?  

I will!

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